The time I felt guilty about eating a banana.

BananaMic check….Media, you’re on in 1 – 2 – 3, GO…..”too much fat”, “not good fat”, “too much processed sugar”, “honey is better than sugar”, “berries are better because they have less sugar”, and
on and on and on.

I have been struggling with finding the best diet plan for myself for years. I am a self-proclaimed foodie, and so I naturally enjoy trying out food trends, food lifestyles, and all that comes along with food. Over the years I’ve done the calorie counting diets, the lemonade cleanse, vegan for a month challenge, and most recently The Whole 30. Each experience has been different in its own extreme way, but I’ve come to realize that I’ve done them for not the best reasons. Weight. The Scale. The Beach Body. And if I really sit here and analyze these reasons, I get to the core of it all–they have nothing to do with a friendly relationship with food. In all honesty, these reasons have made food my frenemy–one of the most fake relationships you can have.

I wrapped the Whole 30 challenge about 2 months ago. And while it is another diet plan to add to the list, this one was different. The difference for me was that it made me become aware of food again as nourishment and not something that has to be reduced to calorie counting or feel guilty for eating. So I suppose it is my experience with this diet plan that started my thoughts brewing with how I want to be friends with food again. Real friends. Not like, internet BFF friends.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I was on my way out and thought let me grab a piece of fruit for a snack. And as I’m waiting for the elevator, I begin to peel my banana, and this slimy thought slid into my consciousness–Hmm that has a lot of sugar! I got so upset at myself. I had just ruined the simple pleasure of eating a snack. The internal dialogue was ridiculous. “well, remember if you want to watch sugar, bananas aren’t best. You should have grabbed the apple instead, it has less sugar and more fiber.” And then I caught myself…HELLLLOOOO, it’s a freakin’ BANANA! It’s a whole fruit. It comes from the ground, not a factory. And above all, it’s my favorite fruit!

So you see, this incident was quite disturbing to me. And it made me think of all the freakin’ crappy do’s and dont’s out in the health world today. We are bombarded with so many damn different messages, and frankly, I’ve had enough! I’m ready for the messages that address the real issue of food as a friend and not a foe. I’m ready for the 5 minute talk segments on morning shows to be more about the struggles and how to treat yourself better, instead of “here are the five super foods that will cinch your waist”.

Anyhow, I want to give a special shout out to Alyssa from Simply Quinoa who I just recently discovered on YouTube. She wrote this post today that really hit home with me, because she talks about the guilt that I think most women struggle with, whether teeny tiny or massively all-consuming, when it comes to food.

That is all folks, needed to get that one off my chest, and out into the universe.

Hope you are well, and at the very least, trying to be good to yourselves.


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