Around the Net in 7 Links 12.18.13 – New Year’s Eve Toast

Around the Net in 7 Links | The Savory and The Beautiful

I’m all about clean slates and new beginnings, so it’s no surprise that New Year’s is my favorite holiday. The clock strikes 12 and like a flipped page, a new chapter–new year–begins. We get the chance to leave behind what didn’t work and bring with us the best of the prior year. Come New Year’s Eve I will be toasting to all the positivity and blessings 2013 brought me, the strength and courage I mustered to get through life-altering moments, and especially to the new beginnings that 2014 will offer. Cheers–here’s to us–we made it!

  1. Elderflower Mint Champagne Cocktail (
  2. Apple-Ginger Sparkler (
  3. Bubbles ‘n’ Blue (
  4. Black Velvet (
  5. Guava Champagne Punch (
  6. Pear and Sparkling Cider (
  7. Blood Orange French 75 (

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