Sunday Musings :: Change gonna come for you.

Sunday Musings | The Savory and The BeautifulWhen everyone else begins to take your same secret route to work, which used to get you in 15 minutes earlier, but now leaves you dead stuck in traffic, you find a new route. When your hair dresser’s hands begin to go a bit wonky and she turns her usual 3 inch trims to choppy 4-5-8 inch trims, you change your hair dresser. When you head to your regular movie theatre and realize their seats suck because that one time you trekked it to Queens and found the most cushiony reclined seats your rear has ever experienced, you change theaters. And when you realize that you just don’t have the chops to be the next greatest pottery maker, well, then you just say to yourself, I’m not the pottery-making kind of gal, and find a new hobby.

See how life prepares us daily to make decisions that bring about change? Everyday our brains are wired to fix what is broken, replace the irreparable, and dump the completely trashed. So with all this prepping, why is it when it comes to fixing the major things–the dead-end job, ill-fitted partner, or less than stellar financial habits–we seem to have no clue, or even worse, we are completely clued in, but choose to stay in a unfixable situation?

My guess is, we’re terrified of the what-if. What if we buy the new watch, replacing the old broken one, and we like it more? What if we are genuinely happier? What if we realize we were idiots, jerks, or common folk who wore our hearts on our sleeves? It’s that “if” part that freaks us out–the fear of going over the edge like a glass of milk on the brink of spilling over.

Moral of the story? Don’t cry over spilled milk, ok, cry a bit and get pissed as hell, but then wipe it up, and pour yourself a new glass.

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