Sunday Musings :: Being Thankful

Sunday Musings | The Savory and The BeautifulThe week began with a thick blanket of coldness at a high of 31 degrees on Monday. By Wednesday we’d moved up to the 60s but with cold wetness everywhere. A moment of gratitude slipped in Wednesday evening when entering my warm apartment. As I began to cuddle into my pjs, a sigh of relief slipped out, and aloud, I thanked Jehovah for a warm home and bed to come to.

The holidays are an amazing time but, as I rejoice in the joys of these sparkly moments, a tint of sadness coats all the feasts and trimmings. I pray hard and wish strongly that all who normally go without regular meals, baths, and warmness, are somehow miraculously blessed with these simple gifts I often take for granted.

While Thanksgiving time is covered in roasted turkey sandwiches, velvety gravy, and a plethora of sides and pies, I look to this day as a reminder to be grateful for my own circumstances; because someone else, likely, has it worse. I also feel extra thankful for the little things that make up a day filled with simple content.

I’m feeling grateful and blessed this morning, hope you are as well.

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