Sunday Musings :: Self Forgiveness

Sunday Musings - Self Forgiveness | The Savory and The BeautifulShe stood looking in the mirror–wondering where had all the time gone?

Time flies when you’re having fun, don’t it? But it also whizzes on by when you are not looking–when you stay unaware. Wishes are wished. Plans are made. Goals falter. And blame enters–bitterness taking over. Often times we fall prey to the expectations of others, but even scarier, we fall prey to our own as well.

The shackles of self-blame weigh us down daily, forming a viscous path we can’t lift our feet from. We try to run away, getting lost in foreign places and the hands of others only to bump into our own thoughts, dreams, and idleness once again. But all is not lost. We still have another avenue to explore. We can choose to forgive ourselves.

Forgiving ourselves is not about avoiding responsibility or renouncing accountability. It is about acknowledging the active and passive roles we have played in our outcomes; and pausing to say, I did this, I took part in this, this was carved from me–enough, I can now allow myself to choose otherwise. By forgiving ourselves, we don’t erase the past, but we do erase the barrier to reaching the future.

Are you willing to choose the path of self-forgiveness and run free in the field of your endless possibilities?

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