Tip of the Week :: How to scale a recipe

I get it, some of us reach for the take-out menu before grabbing the cookbook collecting dust on the shelf. Sometimes you stare at said cookbook and finally bring yourself to open it. You look inside and get lost in beautifully shot photos, fancy table settings, old kitchen stories, and most importantly, elaborate recipes.

How to Scale a Recipe 2 | The Savory and The BeautifulThat one! that’s the one I want to make. And then you notice it serves 6-8 people, but it’s just you and your boo. Poof. Idea gone. Cookbook goes back on shelf. And you yell out, honey I’m feelin’ like take-out, how ’bout you?

Well, I’m here to tell you those days are gone because today you will learn how to easily alter a recipe’s servings (a.k.a. scaling a recipe). Brace yourself, scaling a recipe involves some math. YIKES. Yes, I know, I loathe math too. WAIT, this is so easy even I–the person who had to take calculus 3 times before finally passing the damned class–can do it.

How to scale a recipe

  • Figure out your conversion factor. You’ll use this number to convert all the quantities from the original recipe.

Divide the desired number of servings by the original number of servings

2 servings divided by 6 servings = .33 = conversion factor

  • Multiply each ingredient by .33

original ingredient amount multiplied by conversion factor = New ingredient amount

1.5 cups quinoa multiplied by .33 = .495 = .5 = 1/2 cup quinoa

How to Scale a Recipe | The Savory and The Beautiful

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