Ready for Fall Fashion

Come Autumn, in my head, I’m the cool chick with the suave looking scarf, perfect bed-hair style, cute shorts, chunky heels and a fitted blazer. In reality, I’m the covered-head-to-toe-always-cold and loves-her-hands-nicely-snuggled-in-her-jacket-pocket type of chick. Two of my favorite fashion-watching areas in NYC are Soho and Brooklyn. Fashion editorials come alive in these parts—women saunter through Soho’s Grand street in ginormous platforms and funky patterns or bike it up in Brooklyn’s north side Bedford avenue with beat-up Chuck Taylors and flowy layered ensembles—looking almost completely effortless.

Inspired by the eclectic muses of Soho and Brooklyn, the Fall chick in my head goes a lil somethin’ like this…

Fall Fashion Favorites - The Savory and The Beautiful

  1. H&M jacquard-weave fitted jacket, $49.95
  2. Madewell transport leather tote, $168
  3. Converse Chuck Taylor classic, $50
  4. Forever 21 classic fedora, $16.80
  5. Forever 21 fancy oversized infinity scarf, $10.80
  6. Topshop tulle strappy midi dress, $58




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