The Magic, a word on gratitude.


It had been a year or so since I had watched someone gush over this book on YouTube. They were so convinced that it had changed their life for the better. So naturally I added the book to my list of must-reads—a list that is sort of like that one closet or drawer you just keep stashing randomness into and never really look into.

Lately though, I have been sensing a strange ora around me. It’s a mix of good and self-loathing energy. I’m at a crossroads in my life, it seems. There is so much I want to achieve and I feel like I keep forgetting about what I presently have. So being the self-help junkie that I am, I decided to go into my closet of randomness to read that book that had been living in the back corner of my mind for a whole year.

And so I have begun reading The Magic. It’s a book that focuses on practicing gratitude in your daily life. The theme of the book is grounded on the theory of Law of Attraction, where what you put forth will be the same you attract back. What I’m liking so far is that it’s a step by step book—a 28 day intense intervention of the Gratitude Gods. It’s day two for me and I’m hopeful that at the very least it will make me more aware of all that is going great now, so I stop focusing on what is not living up to par in my life.

Day one began with counting your blessings. It is amazing how much some of us forget about all the positivity we have in our lives when we are so focused on the have-nots, from great support systems, to jobs that pay our bills, to the simple comfort of a warm bed to rest upon nightly after a long day.

Day two (this morning) began with listing another set of blessings I’m thankful for, and I must say, it made me feel so tranquil. I felt so centered that it moved me to write in this here old dusty blog that is seriously clinging for dear life.

So from me to you, take a moment sometime today to jot down a few of the things that you are truly grateful for and say thank you after each one while allowing yourself to feel the gratitude. It will only make you feel better. I promise.

Peace, Love, and Gratitude!

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