Post-Thanksgiving Cleanse

The Thanksgiving before last, as you sat on the couch trying to console your food  coma and that pinching pain on the left side of your stomach, you vowed not to stuff your face the following year. You’d only have one serving of stuffing, pass on the crispy turkey wing tip, you’d even make an effort to eat a green vegetable not smeared in butter or cream. Failed? (that’s ok, I failed too). And so the vows began once again last year for this coming year.

So here’s the thing, trying to eat healthy during the holidays is like trying to stay indoors on the first sunny day after a freezing cold winter. It is nearly impossible. So I propose two things for you and I this coming thursday and the rest of the holiday season. I say let’s eat. Let’s enjoy the pumpkin pie, the velvety gravy, the crackle and saltiness of crispy turkey skin, and above all, STUFFING (if capitalizing didn’t make it clear enough, let me say, I. Love. Stuffing). On that same token, let’s be smart and plan ahead for the guilt that will inevitably ensue the next morning as we recount all we’ve devoured.

My small 9 pound turkey will be paving the way for all the other small portions of sides I’ll be making this year (makes for less leftovers to hover over). It’s the first year that I don’t want to end up in a food coma. Will I succeed? Dunno (I mean there are those crunchy bits of stuffing enveloped in sage, rosemary, and thyme). Should I not succeed, I’ve complied a list for myself of healthier cleansing options for the next day.

I might not share my stuffing with you, but I’ll gladly share quick and easy Post-Thanksgiving meals full of cleansing foods to clear that gut out.

I think if we start our post-Thanksgiving morning with a healthy breakfast, we just might have hope yet. We may even pass on the leftovers that are calling out, second food coma eh?


Still feeling stuffed the morning after? Check out these juices and smoothies:

Goop’s Green Juice

Martha Stewart’s Winter Smoothie

Joy The Baker’s Kale, Spinach and Pear Smoothie

Whole Living’s Mango Coconut-water Smoothie

The Kitchn’s Low Sugar, High Protein, Dairy-free Smoothie


Nothing spells post-Thanksgiving comfort like a pancake breakfast:

Sprouted Kitchen’s Pear & Buckwheat Pancakes

Sprouted Kitchen’s Lemon Pancakes with Yogurt & Berries

Hungry Por La Vida’s Squash Pancakes

Self Magazine’s Multigrain Pancakes

Skinny Taste’s Whole Wheat Pancakes


High five it! You’ve managed to forgo the leftovers at breakfast, how about you take it all the way through to lunch and dinner? 

Fitness Magazine’s Fiesta Bowl Salad

Cooking Light’s Easy Grilled Chicken

Whole Living’s Marinated Beet Salad

Eating Well’s Loaded Spinach Salad

Cooking light’s Tart & Tangy Bulgar Salad

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