Hurricane Sandy – Give a little bit of your heart

It’s been just a few days since New York and the greater east coast was struck with Hurricane Sandy and the after-math is proving to be just as lethal. By now, I’m sure many of us are inundated with news headlines, FB posts, Tweets, and photos. It’s a hard thing to see so many lives affected by this horrific disaster and it can be overwhelming. Some of us may feel helpless because the situation for so many is so grave, but we are not helpless.

Below are local and national charity organizations that are pooling and redirecting their resources to help those most in need of shelter and food. I encourage you to give in whatever way you can, as no amount is too small during this difficult time for the east coast. If you can’t donate money, then lend a hand, give a blanket, or food.

Can’t help directly? Then just spread your positive energy, on the street, in the overly crowded buses and trains, and at work or home. And if all else fails, smile at someone, you never know if they are dealing with grave effects from the storm.

The charities listed below were applauded by Governor Cuomo for their dedicated response to Hurricane Sandy and its after-math.

Project Hospitality

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island

Friends of Firefighters

Bowery Residents Committee

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

New York Urban League

National Urban League


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