Chicago – A sight for sore eyes

I know this post is way over do. It’s been over a month since my trip to Chi-town. But I wanted to still post these beautiful pictures because If for some reason you’re thinking of a last weekend getaway before the summer ends, maybe you’ll consider Chicago. I had such a great time. The architecture truly had me in total awe, and i’m not even one for that kind of sightseeing. I did a lot of Instagraming while on vacation. The sights I was capturing were too beautiful not to share instantly.

These were the Agora Sculptures at Grant Park. Honey I Shrunk The Kids came to mind walking through these.

The mist from Buckingham Fountain was just right on this hot afternoon. This is definitely a must see. At the start of every hour for about 20 minutes the fountain  explodes with beautiful misty water displays.

One of my favorite sights to visit was the Shedd Aquarium. I had not been to an aquarium in ages so this was a big aquatic treat. Go early for sure, it gets packed. And if you’re looking to save, go ahead and just get the general admission, it’s only about $8, you definitely get a bang for your buck.

There were beautiful flowers everywhere we went. I really do believe because the winters are so harsh here that the city makes all the effort to make sure the flora is lush and beautiful for the warmer months.

These shots were taken with Instagram. We decided to take one of the many Water Tours offered sailing on the Michigan River. It was such a pretty afternoon. Well worth the slight sunburn I ended up with. Definitely sit up on top, not downstairs by the bar. And totally slather on the sunblock. Oh and bring a camera! I went a bit bananas with pictures.

Navy Pier is nice to catch some fireworks at night, bring the kids, and look at the beautiful boats. I loved the look of this ferris wheel. Unfortunately we didn’t get to ride on it. Next time though, next time for sure.

We also decided to rent a tandem bike to ride along the beach side. The views were spectacular.

We got to catch a sunset at Sky Deck. It was so beautiful to see the warmth of the sun disappear into the crevices of the beautiful skyline.

The twinkling city after the sun set. This view was breath taking.

Visiting The Cloud aka The Bean is always so funny. It’s one of those few times you don’t mind sitting or laying on the floor for a good picture.

This can be pretty frightening, but we braved it and stood out on the ledge. That’s 102 floors below us.

I couldn’t get enough of this sunset. I tried to capture the whole setting from start to finish.

Really glad we made it to a game at Wrigley Field. And of course FunnyGirl just had to have an impromptu drummin’ session.

Hope you all get to visit Chicago at some point. It’s my city away from New York City.

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