The Weekend

FunnyGirl was away for the weekend exploring Montreal this weekend. So it was a weekend for one instead of two. Although I missed her and our regular weekend bits and pieces, I caught up on some long over do writing and reading. There was way too much cooking for the heat that consumed my apartment, but it was well worth it. Watched this interesting documentary  and finally found a Quentin Tarantino movie I liked.

There was pizza making with the lovely Carissa. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to grab some flatbread and toppings and have pizza in just a few minutes. I suspect this pizza making deal will become a go-to for me now.

I had been inspired a while back by this post and  thought this would be something great to do with Cari. Like most little 4 soon-to-be 5 year old girls she loves anything involving glitter.

I had an old pair of converse sneakers that I used to cover in glitter. I think in today’s world Dorothy may have preferred ruby red converse over heels.

Cari loves chocolate and baking so we took a crack at this recipe. I adapted it a bit. I was my first attempt in baking with different flours. I was a bit nervous, but it worked out perfectly. The cookies came out soft and chewy and best of all never got hard like most chocolate chip cookies do after a few days.

And the weekend wrapped up with Anastasia and Christian.


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