Accessory Addiction


For the last month or two I’ve had an accessory addiction. I think we all go through this. It happens with accessories, clothes, or even kitchen gadgets. We go through a period where we just want to wear or use the same things. As the years have passed I’ve noticed that I’m an accessory chic. I truly love the little pieces that bring outfits together or stand out like a one woman show. But even more so, I love accessories because they stand the test of time. You gain or lose a few pounds and for the most part your accessories still fit and still make you look fabulous.

About two months ago, I bought some jewelry from here and I instantly fell in love with a ring which I named ‘hugs & kisses’. This ring to me is playful but edgy at the same time. It always reminds of Gossip Girl because of the whole XOXO sign off at the end of each episode. Anyhow, every morning I take a look at my jewelry inventory and I almost always reach for my ‘hugs & kisses’ ring. I love how its copper color looks like a tarnished rose gold. I love how the hue compliments my skin tone to the point that it almost becomes an extension of my finger. And above all, I love that I haven’t seen anyone with it on.

The older I get the more I want to keep my individuality at hearts’ reach. I’m proud of this because I’m hoping I’m well on that path of ‘self acceptance’, you know that point you hear about from women in their 40’s when you were in your 20’s. They would say, ‘oh honey when you get to your 40’s, it’s about you, and you don’t care if your tatas migrate to the south. Ok I know, I’m not 40 or even near it, but I Iike and aspire to be one of those women who tries to age gracefully without having melt downs about getting older. I mean sure we will always have our own hang ups, but I just rather it not be about my age.

Ok now that I’ve completely gone off topic, let’s bring it back to the accessories. So aside from my ‘hugs & kisses’ ring, in the last two weeks I’ve been addicted to my glass ring [well It feels like glass, but I know it’s not because the Asian woman at the store where I bought it at told me it wasn’t, but I of course forgot what material it’s made of]. Anyway, I call this ring ‘Hazel’. Doesn’t it look like a hazel eye wrapped around your finger?! Again, the colors of the ring compliment my skin tone so it’s so easy to wear. It makes me conscious of how I use my hands, I’d be so sad if it broke on me. I love this ring! It’s also special because I bought in Chicago’s Chinatown while on vacation with FunnyGirl.

Some have signature colors or scents, for now though, I have signature accessories.

Do any of you have any signature accessories?

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