9 to 5 + Kava Kava = A Beautiful Manicure

The day before yesterday I wrapped up the two last classes for my undergraduate degree. If you recall from my last post, I lamented over how attaining this degree part time while working full time had me sacrificing a slew of things including my love for painting my nails.

I’ve always loved a good pair of manicured hands. Nail polish can make even the roughest of hands look beautifully refined. I solemnly admit that I’m a peeper of women’s nails wrapped around subway car poles and can always appreciate the sight of a freshly done French Manicure.

I think it all goes back to a simple lady called MOM. She prefers the simple things in life like bread & butter, carnation bouquets, and button-down shirts. One of the things, though, that has always stuck out about my mom is her love for painted nails. She doesn’t wear high fashion nor fuss about makeup, but when it comes to her nails they’re painted more often than not. One time she came home wearing OPI’s Russian Navy (remember the craze when this color came out?!) I was like ‘Mami, where did you get that nail polish?’, and she simply replied, ‘the girl at the nail salon said it’s the color to wear now.’ I had to laugh out loud at how this woman who still loves her ‘high-waisted mommy jeans’ was rocking the trending nail color of the season.

So flash forward to present day. I was supposed to make it to Starbucks to study for my last final, but opted to come home and paint my nails. You may be thinking, who does that? Who decides to blow off studying for a final which in all honesty doesn’t feel like a final for the simple fact that it’s 50 true o false questions? Well the answer is I do! I guess you could call it a student with a heavy case of senioritis gone bananas. But the thing is I’ve wanted more than ever to paint my nails for the past month ever since I brought home from IMATS several of JulieG’s nail polishes along with a couple from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. And on top of it all I’ve been wanting to mix these two colors together. JulieG’s 9 To 5 looks lovely under OCC’s milky Kava Kava.

Remember, Nail Polish is one of the easiest accessories to work into any outfit.

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