Summer’s Resolutions

As I write it is exactly 18 days till I graduate. This past month has been flying by quicker than I expected. It’s definitely a great thing, but the fast-forward moments are also rapidly beginning to fill my stomach with anxious butterflies. Since the beginning of my final semester back in January, my mind has been putting together this list of lists of things I want to focus on once I have my freedom back. I have to admit that at times my list of things to do has overwhelmed me. A part of me wants to squash the lists and just be. And then my project manager side wants to set goals and my sights on new things to learn. I’m hoping [hoping being the operative word] that I will find a balance between the two extremes. Anyhow I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs and was inspired by this post to jot down the things I plan for my summer and going forward.

I guess you could say my list shifts from a quasi-New Years Resolution list to a Summer to-do list and then back. Some are things I’ve always wanted to do, and some are things I want to enjoy specifically in the upcoming months.

  1. Get back into a healthy life style that includes working out regularly and cooking at home more. My NYSC membership is insanely dusty. And I long for freshly prepared food by my own two hands.
  2. Organize my apartment! Living in a tiny apartment with limited closet space has left me with piles of stuff everywhere. One of the things I’ve been dying to do for YEARS is snap pictures of my shoes and put them on the boxes so I can easily find shoes and know what’s in my closet so I don’t buy styles I already have.
  3. Write more. Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved reading and writing and at times in my early college days I toyed with the idea of pursuing writing professionally but I guess I got distracted with other subjects. I’m using this blog to not only share my love for food and all things I consider beautiful but also as a platform to get me back to writing.
  4. Read Read Read for pleasure! I’m a learner at heart. I truly love learning about EVERYTHING and anything…well let’s take math out of that ‘everything’ bit. One of the things I disliked most about my college experience was my lack of time to read for fun. Sure I could have squeezed in a book or two before bedtime, but frankly, after 8 hrs of work, then another 3 hours of classes, my brain just wanted to shut off completely at the end of the day. Sooo I’ve given myself a little reading challenge: reading 3 books at a time. I’ve always been a read-one-book-at-a-time type of reader, but because I have over  a 100 books on an ever-growing ‘must read’ list, I can’t imagine reading just one at a time. My first three will be current ones in pop culture: The Hunger Games [1st book of the trilogy], 50 Shades of Grey [A woman needs a bit of naughtiness in her life], and The American Way of Eating [Ever since my Pastry 101 class here, I’ve become more curious about where our food comes from. Another goal of this challenge is to keep me from becoming a couch potato. Since I’ve been going to school at night I rarely get to follow current shows on TV [old Sex In The City, Seinfeld, and Friends episodes are my regulars since they’re on late at night], so I’m afraid I’ll fall into that ‘Netflix Catch-up’ addiction so many of us are prey to. I’m going to look at these books as sitcoms. I will allow myself to read at home only 30 minutes per book and then alternate which one I bring on my commute to and from work. [Lordy as I type I realize I’ve put way too much thought into all this reading business, but I can’t help it, I need to feel in control I suppose].  So definitely expect my two cents on the books I’ll be reading, and I hope to hear your opinion if you’ve read them or if you have your own ‘must read’ lists to recommend.
  5. Paint my nails weekly. This may sound simple to you, but really it’s been a real challenge for me. I’m one of those who freaks out if my freshly painted nails get a nick or scratch or that ill-fated pillowcase imprint from late night manicures. Between getting home around 10 pm from school and busy weekends with school work I fore-went regular manicures. Simply just didn’t have the time. But what’s crazy is I never gave up on my love for painted nails. My drugstore outings almost always ensured an Essie or OPI buy even If I knew I would not use it. So a weekly manicure / pedicure is definitely on the ritual scene!
  6. Breakfast picnics in the park with my FunnyGirl. Last year when my girlfriend and I started dating we would try to meet up at least once a week in Central Park to have breakfast. We’d grab something to eat from Whole Foods or Starbucks and cop a squat in the park. Those dates were magical, and I hope to relive them again. This time though I hope to prepare  homemade food and bring it to the park.
  7. Spend more time with family and friends. I am thankful that my family and friends stood by me and supported me through my party-pooper, forgetting important dates, and I don’t have time attitude. I definitely plan to get back to entertaining at home, which is something I truly enjoy doing. I’m a big themed party fanatic. First bash on my list will definitely have to include food and makeup!
  8. Branching into DIY projects. I have to hold myself back in this to-do item because my mind wants to do everything from decorating to sewing one of kind pieces. I took a sewing class many years ago where I learned how to sew a pencil skirt and make a stylish dark denim fanny pack and it really opened up my eyes to making my own clothes and accessories. So a sewing machine is on my list of things to buy. I also want to get into chronicling my life with pictures and video, not necessarily via social media, but more personal projects in collage-making and documentary style videos. The Up documentary series which I was put onto by A Cup of Joe really got me into the idea of seeing how one progresses through life.
  9. Become more technically savvy. I recently bought my first MAC and was able to get Adobe CS5 on it and I’m excited to learn how to use Photoshop and InDesign. Another side project is getting more savvy with PowerPoint and Excel.
  10. Relax. Sad that I even have to add this to a to-do list, but I need to learn to relax. I want to give Yoga another try. Yoga and I have had a-not-so great friendship. It just seems too quiet of a thing to do. I find myself thinking of the most random things or focusing on problems when I’m suppose to be finessing my Downward Dog, and so It has turned me off from the whole thing. But I don’t give up easily, so I will try again. Meditation is another thing I’m hoping to use to relax. Ever since EAT, PRAY, LOVE came out, I’ve wanted to see what meditation is all about. But again this is one of those quiet exercises which really try a distracted mind, so we’ll see how it goes.

Lists aren’t a bad thing, you just need to make sure you make room for things that aren’t on the list too!

5 responses to “Summer’s Resolutions

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  2. That looks like a great list and the makings of a great summer. Best of luck with the end of school and happy graduation!

    Very cute blog.

    FEST (food, style & travel)

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