The Weekend

All in all this was a great weekend. It brought the usual combo of 2 parts work, and 1 part play. I’m proud of myself because I was able to accomplish things while still fitting in some fun with my friends and my FunnyGirl.

Here are some of the moments that made it a great weekend…

I met up with my GNO’s (Girls Night Out crew) to celebrate Fior’s Birthday Day. I feel so blessed to have my friends. I will definitely have to write up a post about the GNO’s. Our circle has flourished into a beautiful extended family. This picture captures the happy and loving essence that is the GNO’s. I love how I was able to get them on camera without posing…lol. Btw…I’m loving the colors in this picture, so spring and summer. Cucumber Martini. Exactly what I needed after a long week. It had such a refreshing finish.

I loved this necklace Yixsi wore. And it went perfectly with her blouse.

The weekend also gave me a sweet surprise…

After a long day of school work my honey, my FunnyGirl, surprised me with a walk across The Brooklyn Bridge. It was my first time ever walking on this beautiful and historic bridge. Wish I could show you all the pics I took but you’d think I was a nut job. The day was a bit cloudy but it added to the mystery of this unique bridge. The structure reminded me of a spider web.

I love how the steel holding the bridge together looks like old rope.

Peep the tagged up wisdom

After the walk over the bridge we ended up in the neighborhood called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). The bridge in the fore front is the Brooklyn Bridge and the one in the background is the Manhattan Bridge.

FunnyGirl had wanted to take me to Grimaldi’s for pizza but when we arrived the line was way too long for our grumbling stomaches to handle. So we ended up at Ignazio’s Pizza. No disappointment at all. We started with the meatballs which were nestled in a garlicky plum tomato sauce. Still on my, as of lately, beer-kick I decided to go with the Blue Point Blueberry Ale. It really did taste like blueberries. I would totally have this beer with a lemon ricotta cheese cake. Blueberries & Lemon, great mix of flavors. The pizza was pretty good too. We went for the “The Pizza” which is seasoned simply with oregano, basil, and plum tomato sauce, but of course we had to add some toppings, spinach and prosciutto. I must mention as I type I’m enjoying a cold slice we brought home and it is amazing, I love me some cold pizza, too bad I don’t have the Blue Point with me.

Sunday I was finally able to make some of my favorite pancakes adapted from this recipe. They were a great energy booster for the walk we took afterwords.

The perfect amount of stairs to make me feel like I was getting some kind of a workout. We strolled through Fort Tryon Park for a bit before starting on some more school work. It was so nice to take in some fresh air. I’m soooo glad I live across a park. Next place I move to must have a park near by!

We discovered a Dog Park where FunnyGirl went crazy. She LOVES dogs. I’m still in the LIKE stage, but hoping to end up in the LOVE stage. We hope to one day have two of our own.

I’ve always loved flowers, and not because of the whole ‘i’m a girl’ thing. I grew up having flowers being an integral part of a home. From as far back as I can remember my mom always bought flowers on sundays even if it were simple carnations. Flowers on a sunday afternoon are a nice thing!

I was sooo happy to be able to capture this photo. As of lately butterflies have a significant place in my mind. With my graduation day just around the corner all I can think of is freedom. I’ve honestly felt for the past several years like a butterfly locked up in a glass jar waiting to be let out so I could stretch my wings and explore. There’s so much I want to experience from reading books at leisure, learning to sew a dress, tango lessons, to creating my own recipes, the list is endless.

The Lone Lady

What sweet discovery to end the weekend with!

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