Hester Street Fair 2012

Last week I was put onto the opening day of the Hester Street Fair by my weekly newsletter from Tasting Table. The Hester Street Fair opens in late April and runs till October every Saturday 10 am – 6 pm. I had actually been invited to the fair last year by a good friend who was working a booth there with friends, but was unable to make it. So when I saw its opening day was this past Saturday I had to add it to my agenda.

As I strolled through the L.E.S. to get to the fair I saw so many hipsters. I wondered would I become one too, once done with school? I’ve been in school for so long that I feel I’ve developed a different identity as ‘The Student’ and am itching to break free. There was something so kool about these hipsters I kept bumping into. They wore their kool shades, vintage accessories, and tousled hair so effortlessly, it intrigued me to say the least.

Upon reaching the entrance it was obvious I was not the only one who came out for opening day. There were people everywhere and anywhere with booths housing food, art, and random things all in between. There was this electric energy buzzing about, and no one cared that I kept bumping into them with my bag, as if it was an unspoken agreement amongst all there that the many BUMPS and EXCUSE MEs were worth the vibe and finds at this quaint spot at the corner of Hester and Essex.

My first stop was a vintage clothing booth which I can’t recall the name  of for the life of me.  The seller was so nice though. I think she had expected a much larger booth than she got because it was over flowing with two large racks of clothes, a fence of scarves and a table of accessories all the while we all tried to jam ourselves in there trying to browse as if we were roaming a spacious department store.

My second stop was the Melt Bakery booth where you think you’d find the typical ice cream sandwich at first glance, but think again my friend. What you found were ice cream sandwiches like the Thai Fighter or the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. My tastebuds were ultimately beckoned by the Thai Fighter. This was definitely not the classic vanilla ice cream sandwich from back in the day. This monster of an ice cream sandwich had chocolate ice cream laced with the flavor of chili peppers wedged in between two coconut curry cookies. Ok by now you’re probably wondering why on Earth would I try something like that or better yet how does one even begin to conjure up such a recipe as I thought to myself. The sheer balls of Melt Bakery to create something so unique made me even want to try it more. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was chocolatey, spicy, and sweet all in one bite.

One of my favorites was the Drive By Press booth. I caught sight of a shirt with a camera on it and immediately knew who its owner would be, my creative Guru. This booth specialized in stamping plain old tshirts with imprints of things likes cameras, bikes, and sunglasses using something that to me resembled a rolling pin. I ended up buying the bike shirt for my honey too. The artist was so nice, we chatted about living uptown as he pressed his masterpiece for me.
After these first three stops it was clear to me that organized roaming was not going to be the case. I spent the rest of the time zig-zagging from one busy booth to another…
1.   2.   3. 
  4.   5. 
6.   7. 
1. Knowing that my honey loves granola I just had to stop by Spatzi’s Granola booth to grab her a bag 2. This stove was just sooo caaute! It looks huge in the picture but it was actually quite small sitting atop a table stand 3. Sons of Essex had a huge line  but I was in the mood for tacos especially once I saw they had crab tacos 4. My LIKE, not quite LOVE yet, for dogs made be snap a shot of this dog who I resolved was standing around to see if any taco bits fell on the floor 5. Musica Musica Musica all around 6. I was so elated to see the Macaron Parlour booth, I’ve been obsessed with the French Macaron Cookie for about 2 years now. One of my favs was the Lemon Basil Macaron, it was a perfect marriage of flavors 7. A few goodies that came home with me, French Macarons, Brass necklace, Vintage scarves, and a Mustard Tassle Cross Body Purse.
Street fairs are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get!

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