The First Step is Admitting There is Beauty…

On the morning of IMATS I was running late, of course, because I lost track of time as I tried to perfect my concealer and so desperately hoped it would not crease <——-but we all know that it creased as most concealers do. The madness started early when I texted the girls that I was running late; Angie replied with 😦 and Cristina, well, she simply replied “I don’t have my ticket”. At that very second it dawned on me [F—-ck] I HAD HER TICKET! My heart sank immediately after because, 1. I was plain old late 2. Cristina is practically always on time and 3. What kind of impression was I making on Angie??? BUT the morning crisis was averted when I realized Cristina could still have her ticket printed upon arrival…close call! In my defense though, it was the makeup I tell ya, THE MAKEUP!!! How could I not want to bring my bestest makeup-self to such an exciting and special day?!?!!!

{A few of my beauty essentials for that all natural look ::wink, wink::}

{Welcome to IMATS}

I’ve been excitedly awaiting this day since back in November when I first purchased my ticket to IMATS a.k.a. the International Makeup Artist Trade Show.  Whether you’re a professional makeup artist, beauty editor or a MAKEUP JUNKIE LIKE MYSELF, this is the place to be. You get to spend a day filled with all things makeup and above all, those who truly understand your beauty madness. Different vendors like Stila, Jesse’s Girl, and M.A.C. set up shop and sell their coveted beauty gems at a discount price [makes my wallet very HAPPY]

IMATS has been around for some time now but they had never brought their show to New York until last year. I attended their 1st NY Show and was totally blown away at how many others like me love makeup from Tweens, Teens, Moms, Grandmas to all others in-between.

Another special part of IMATS are the speakers that attend and the yearly student contests being held. The speakers are renowned makeup artists, special effects artists, and even YouTube Beauty Gurus. They share all kinds of useful and fun things like how to get into the industry or secret tips on makeup application.

The student contests are inspiring to say the least. We literally get to see student makeup artists recreate the blank-canvas-of-a-models into beautiful colorful works of art.

This year’s IMATS was extra special for me. A little less than a year ago I met Cristina. We quickly realized we were both beauty junkies. We liked many of the same beauty brands, but even more crazy we both shared an addiction to YouTube beauty videos. So then, it was only natural that she and I attend IMATS together.


Along the way we also came across Angie who we met through our other friend Evelyn. It turns out she too is a makeup junkie…so she came along for the beauty ride as well.


 This year I didn’t really have many makeup conquests to conquer. My main focus rested upon meeting certain YouTube Beauty Gurus [Beauty Guru: Noun. A person who is ever wise and very well versed in all things beauty related] I have been following on YouTube and Facebook. The ones I wanted to meet in particular encompass so much more than just makeup-smarts.

{Julie a.k.a. JulieG713}

Julie has brains behind that beautiful smile. She studied investment banking and entrepreneurial studies in college and just launched her first nail polish collection which you can buy from Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and at Rite Aid and to top it all off she is super sweet and humble.

{Ingrid a.k.a. MissGlamorazzi}

Ingrid looks so dainty and girly right? Well she is definitely a ‘guys gal’ too. She studied Architecture, loves video games, and even with that tiny figure is a super foodie too and sweet as a cupcake! Check out the bright bag she has, I loved it!

{Kandee Johnson}

And then there’s Ms. Kandee Johnson. She is a total UNIQUE in the YouTube Beauty Community. She is a professional makeup artist to say the least. Not only can she make you shine from the outside but most importantly from the inside. She’s known for sending out daily hugs, kisses, encouragement, and prayers to all her fans. She was one of the main speakers at the show. In this picture she is holding gifts she brought for two young women in the audience who are fighting cancer. She had one come up on stage and gave her such a heart-warming message. She is truly an inspiration for going after your passion whatever it may be. The best advice I took away from her talk was ‘Whatever it is that you have a passion for, push yourself to do at least one thing each day to make it happen, because if you don’t you will be even further from your goals the next day’ I will forever remember that simple but very affective message.

{A few standouts of the day for me}

{Beautiful red tulips I stumbled upon my way to the show}

{Vintage blow-dryer and curling irons from the makeup museum}

{E.T. Mold}

{Great shopping music}

{Vials of lipgloss, how scientifically beautiful)

{‘Brownie points’ for not only coming along with HIS girlfriend, but also for carrying her shopping bags too}

{A security guard’s bright yellow tie. Definitely one of my favorite colors for the Spring and Summer season}

The day wrapped up with…

{The Three MakeupTeers}

{I’m lovin’ Cristina’s lime green OPI}

What better way to end the day than with…

Actually there is another better way to end the day…

{Admiring our makeup buys}

Always remember the #1 Beauty Rule: Smile

2 responses to “The First Step is Admitting There is Beauty…

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  2. Hey candida, I’m loving your blog. Very insightful. Glad to know I’m not alone with makeup obsession. Remember when we would look at magazines and try and copy the look💄. Hope all is well. Take care.

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