The Weekend

This weekend marked the beginning of my Spring Break from school, so I set out not to think about school at all since to my dismay most of my break will be spent working on assignments. The weekend though felt like a breath of fresh air and above all a preview to the future weekends I will enjoy with NO MORE SCHOOL…ahhhh.

Yes I was one of the nostalgics this weekend who went to catch Titanic 3D. It happens to be my best friend’s favorite movie of all time and it was a great reason for some much needed bonding time. While I don’t feel the added 3D effect made a huge difference, it was nice to reminisce about the first time we saw the original. We both remembered how we went with old boyfriends and where we even sat, for me it was the left side towards the back where I sobbed at Kate’s “I’ll never let go Jack, I’ll never let go”.

As we left the theatre 3 hours later, we bumped into these beauties. Tulips have always been one of my favorite flowers. I love how they stand up tall and proud and they tend to last longer than other flowers. These were another sign of the free time to come after graduation where I’ll be able to shop for fresh flowers and create fun creative arrangements at home.

Then it was off to Starbucks for our Tea-Night Cap. It’s always a beautiful thing to catch up with The BFF and boy can we go on forever. It’s also interesting to see how the conversations we now have today are telling of the place we are in our lives. At the age of 17 when Titanic first debuted we’d be talking about college and what was in store for us, and today it’s talks of babies and and parenting.

Saturday it was my friend’s daughter’s birthday,  Little Miss Dayna Olivia. It was an afternoon full of youthful laughs, birthday cake with fairies, homemade cupcakes, and goodie bags full of sweets.


And of course there was some fashion too. I loved the proud mama’s outfit which spelled out yes I’m the mother of 3 AND I can still rock a whimsical yet sophisticated look. Never been a fan of polk-a-dots, but this blouse had me rethinking my love/hate relationship with them. Even the little one’s rocked it out with sparkles. Little Miss Carissa wore pretty pink sparkly sneakers to run around in. I too got to debut one of my Spring / Summer favorites, The Mini-Yellow Messenger Bag.


I ended up at a bar for drinks and decided on beer. Always been a wine chick, but beer is growing on me. This one here was a Negro Modelo. I liked. I would try again. I recommend with a burger.


Sunday was an active day. I got back on the saddle or should I say my bike, Zoey, again. Yes I will admit it to you all in hopes of inspiring anyone who thinks it’s too late to learn things like riding a bike. I’m 32 and am just learning how to ride. Zoey came into my life last August. We met and the relationship started out with butterflies and dreams of zooming down bike paths with my honey…that dream was put on hold sad to say, as school work took over. After a long winter hiatus, I got back on, and I was able to ride it a few times without being held. So even though I fell at least 3 times, chipped a nail, bruised my legs, and oh yea also fell yet another time only to scrap my elbow, it was all worth it. I would have posted a picture of Zoey but as I limped and dragged myself home, a camera was the last thing on my mind.

I did manage though after a nice hot shower and a nap to headto the kitchen and make some dinner. I decided to make a classic Dominican favorite of mine, Mofongo. For those who have not been blessed to try this dish, it’s made of green plantains and a whole lot of garlic…YUMMY.


The trick to peeling green plantains is to peel them when they are at room temperature. I like to take them out of the fridge about 30 minutes before I cook with them, or I run hot water over them in the sink to soften the skin.


I’ve loved Mofongo since I was in my mom’s womb. She’s told me stories of when she lived in Santo Domingo and had this every Friday for lunch while she was pregnant with me. She’d frequent this little place in called, La Casa de Mofongo.

When mashing the garlic I like to spread it up the walls of the Motar so all plantains are bathed in garlicky goodness. Once I’ve fried up the plantains to a golden yellow, I use my Motar & Pestle to turn them into savory nuggets. After it’s done you can pair it with fried white cheese, fried pork chunks, or like how I enjoyed it this weekend with stewed chicken. So as you can see this is the case of all things fried, so I suggest you first come to terms with the fried factor, and then chomp down and enjoy.

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