Beautifully Lit Up

One of my FAVORITE pampering vices are  SCENTED CANDLES. The scent of a candle can transport me to a spa, a swim in a Caribbean beach, or just a cozy lazy sunday in bed. Right now i’m lovin’ Slatkin & Co candles sold at Bath and Body Works. They always seem to have these 2 for 20 sales going on; so when an email from them popped up in my inbox, I could not resist, and immediately placed an order.

sets ANY mood…

an all time favorite of mine is the Lavander Vanilla from the Aromatherapy Line. I discovered this scent a few years ago when I was having a difficult time falling asleep. I had read some where that the scent of lavender soothes you and helps to calm you down for sleep time. I ended up buying the candle, bubble bath, pillow spray, and body lotion in hopes of getting peaceful sleep. Did it work? YUP.

another one from the Aromatherapy Line is Stress Relief – Eucalyptus Spearmint. This is a great one for when giving or receiving a massage. I’ve always loved the scent of eucalyptus, it just smells so fresh.

i’ve been eyeing this one for some time and finally decided to get it, Energy – Lemon Zest. It has a subtle scent of lemon. I was shocked  at liking it considering i’m not that fond of citrusy scents. Had to light this one as soon as I got home.

i immediately think of sandy beaches and sun tan oil when i smell this one, Coconut Water. What I love is that it’s not the typical musky coconut scent, it has a fresh endnote. This is definitely a bubble bath scent to cherish while you soak away the day’s stresses.

{3 secrets for burning the perfect candle}

  1. Prolong the candle’s burning time by wrapping it in seran wrap then popping in the fridge [Never in the freezer] for about 15-30 minutes. This makes for a slower burning candle.
  2.  I ALWAYS trim the wick before each lighting. This helps avoid smokey candles, which can leave smoke stains on walls.
  3. On the first lighting, I let jarred candles burn to the most outer edge of the jar. Candles remember the point they melt to on the first lighting and tend to only melt to that point for the remaining life of the candle. This helps me avoid the tunnel effect down the center. For pillars, on the first lighting, I like to let them burn a 1/4 inch shy from the edge so there’s a thin layer all around. This gives that glowing romantic look to candles.

lastly, ENJOY! 

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