A few nights ago I ended up at Fig & Olive located in the heart of the meat packing district. This area has always been a favorite of mine. I love that the streets are still made of cobble stone, even if it means my heels will inevitably get stuck in between the cracks. I’ve literally seen this trendy nook evolve from a slab of meat to a slew of posh little half empty clothing boutiques.

Walking into Fig & Olive felt like a shot of espresso. You immediately felt the energy bolt through you as the DJ played a mix that included one of my all time favorite songs, KISS by Prince. As we waited for our table to be ready, the bar kept us entertained. At the recommendation of my friend I had the Fig & Olive Dirty Martini, which undoubtedly had the best house made olives EVER!

3 MARTINIS coming right up!

…with a side of RED

This is definitely the place you come to have cute little appetizers. The menu was covered in all things OLIVE. We decided to just order a bunch of small bites, which filled our stomachs like regular sized entrees. My faves were the crostinis.


the appetizer before the appetizer: 3 kinds of olive oil & rosemary infused bread

a bite of gold

{shrimp, avocado, cilantro, tomato}  {mushroom, truffle artichoke, parmesan}  {gorgonzola, onion, cremini}

my favorite

dimmed lights & a DJ made everything that much better

the night ended with these gems

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