The College Student’s Rushed Breakfast

The end is almost near is what I kept telling myself this morning as I prepared what I like to call “The college student’s rushed breakfast”. About to head out for group work…UGH. But I woke up craving these amazing pancakes adapted from Self Magazine. And because I was in a rush I skipped a few things like whipping the egg whites into stiff peaks and was short on bananas so omitted that too. Yes yes I know, I could have just as easily grabbed a yummy toasted sesame bagel with coffee, but I’m desperately trying to get some homemade food in me.

These pancakes are whole-grain so I didn’t feel too bad about inhaling one or two or even three! Although I skipped a few things to save time, at other times I’ve also made these exactly how the recipe calls. Once I realized they were a hit with my honey and friends I decided to always keep a jar of the dry mix on hand.

It starts with the usual suspects…

eggs, milk, and a splash of {vanilla}<—-stole this secret ingredient from my honey’s own pancake recipe.

The thing about a “Rushed Breakfast” is there’s no time for special tools like a whisk,   a FORK does the trick!

Shhh a little secret: To keep your pancakes warm as you make a batch,

stash them in some foil paper with the shiny side in.

Can’t forget the cafesito made in my little espresso maker.

Breakfast is served!

Oh and by the way a “Rushed breakfast” neither has time to wash real plates,

So good old-fashioned white crinkly paper plates will do just fine.

So this is what we can’t go cheap on, we need the real deal here people.

Ok, even though I’m rushing, still gotta have some ambiance,

A beautiful Hawaiian inspired place mat given to me by my dear friend Doris.

Ready to chow down, finally.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, always stop and savor the beauty around you!

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